Alumni Evening with VŠE

November 9, 2019


Alumni Evening with VŠE

University of Economics, Prague kindly invites you to the alumni gathering accompanied by a rich social and professional program.
Come back to your Alma Mater. Meet with your fellow students, professors, make new contacts, learn about the VŠE’s development vision. We hope you will accept our invitation and will spend a pleasant saturday’s evening at your Alma Mater.

When? Saturday, November 9, 2019 starting at 17:00 till 23:00

Where? University of Economics, Prague campus, nám. W. Churchilla 4, Praha 3


17:00 - Registration, welcome drink
New Building Foyer
18:00 – Opening ceremony
Vencovského aula
Welcoming by VŠE Rector
Performance of VŠE Symphonical Orchestre
18:30 – Rector’s and Dean’s keynote
Vencovského aula
19:30 – Dinner
Ground floor and 1st Floor of Rajska building
We’ve prepared for you a delicious food delivered by one of the best Czech catering company.
While eating you can hear a beautiful music of string quartet
20:30 – „Dessert with Dean“
Auditorium on the 1st Floor of Rajska building
21:00 – Trio INFLAGRANTI and Josef Vojtek
Atrium of Rajska building
22:00 – Video-Disco
Atrium of Rajska building
Best of 80’s 90’s with video show on atrium’s displays.
23:00 – The end of this event

From 17:00 till 20:00 you can also purchase Tickets for VSE Ball in the VŠE infocenter.

As a gift and also thank you we have prepared for you a photography of Alumni Evening with VSE 2019. This photography will be printed directly on the place of this event. In the passage between New and Rajska buildings, you can show yourself to a professional photographer, either yourself or in a group of your friends and classmates. Afterwards you can download your Photos on the Alumi Evening with VŠE web.



Registration will be open during September.


Frequently asked questions related to the Alumni Evening with VŠE

How to register?
Registration is available online only at the website. Fill in the form under the “Registration section” and a you will receive a confirmation email with payment information (account number and variable symbol). Alumni may choose to invite a guest (either a VŠE alumni/staff member or not). In this case, ticket price for registration of two (“plus one”, as in the registration form under “I want to order a ticket for my guest”) is lowered to CZK 800.
Staff members, whose tickets will be reimbursed by the respective faculty, are invited to register at their dean’s office no later than 25th October 2019.

How much does it cost to register?
Ticket price for alumni is set at CZK 500 per person. The lowered ticket price for two is CZK 800. The second person must be identified as a guest in the registration form, see “I want to order a ticket for my guest”.
Should an alumnus be a member of the Alumni club, he/she is automatically entitled to one free entrance with a guest. Alumni club is a society opened to all alumni, who pay the fee of CZK 800 per academic year.
Registrations will be opened until 4th November 2019 or until reaching the event capacity.

How to pay the registration fee?
Registration fee can be paid via bank transfer only. Upon completing the registration form at the website (Registration section), you will receive a confirmation email with a payment information (account number and variable symbol). It is NECESSARY to fill in the variable symbol, otherwise your payment won’t be identified.

Is it possible to pay the registration fee upon entrance?
The preferred method of payment is a bank transfer. Payment upon entrance won’t be possible if the event capacity is reached.

How do I learn that my payment was received?
The received payments are paired to the registrations twice to three times a week and filed into our system. After both the paired registration and payment are filed, you will receive a confirmation email about the successful payment.

Is it possible to come to the event later?
Of course, the registration desk at the entrance will be opened during the whole event.

Is it possible to just visit the premises of the university on this evening?
No, on this evening it is possible to enter the university premises only after registering for the event and paying the registration fee.
All VŠE premises are opened to public on Monday to Friday between 6:00 and 22:00 and on Sunday between 7:00 and 18:00.

Will it be possible to meet with fellow students of different cohorts as part of separate meetings?
Due to the high number of cohorts of students involved in the event we don’t plan to organize separate meetings. However, in the hallway connecting the New and Rajská buildings there will be a message board available to share messages and meet-up invites with your colleagues.

What is the event capacity?
The event capacity is defined by the capacity of university premises that is 1.800 persons.


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In case you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via our email address or phone number +420 224 095 630.